The Kick-Off Program - An Innovative Approach to School Transition

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An Innovative Approach to School Transition
Nearly every school in the country does some sort of orientation for their incoming students. But in many schools it consists primarily of a tour of the building, counselors discussing course options, and administrators "lecturing" the incoming students on the rules and regulations of the school. Does this really address the questions and concerns coming from the students and their parents?  learn more...
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We are currently seeking partnerships with individuals and corporations to become Kick-Off Program Sponsors...   learn more...
Kick-Off Program Summary
1. KO Orientation
2. KO Mentoring
3. KO Connections
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Dates Coming To YOU
Kick-Off Coordinator workshops are held all over the country. Click here to find out if there will be a workshop near you.  learn more...

Bring The Kick-Off Program to your school   learn more...
Program Funding
Learn creative ways to help secure funding to bring a mentoring and transition program to your school  learn more...
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Help us spread the word about the Kick-Off Program. Other parents, educators, students and politicians would all like to know about this program.   email a friend about the Kick-Off Program...
A Positive Introduction For Parents and Kids
The Kick-Off Transition Program provides a proactive and positive introduction for both your new students and their parents. Why is that important?  learn more...

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